Fukuoka Motor Show

Fukuoka automobile exposition | Fukuoka Motor Show 2012 exhibitors brand Guidance Exhibit scheduled vehicle (Marine Messe Fukuoka) Exhibited vehicle (Fukuoka Kokusai Center) general exhibitors Gran Turismo / Red Bull Tesla Motors Gran Turismo booth works car large set Ultra series vehicle exhibition Kodomotto ! University World Kitchen Kyushu your local gourmet Grand Prix latest commercial vehicle joint test-ride event children petting bike classroom northern Kyushu 1.5 million future Exhibition Fukuoka Prefecture industrial high school production vehicle exhibition symposium and seminars Venue Marine Messe Fukuoka Fukuoka Kokusai Center a lot of your visit ,Thank you very much.
Next time, will be held in 2013 winter.
Visitors number 1/27 (gold) 21,751 people 1/28 (Sat) 41,508 people 1/29 (day) 55,966 people 1/30 (month) 25,968 people total 145,193 people on January 28 Frequently Asked Questions (For tickets, admission possible time, etc.) on January 26 Fukuoka motor show 2012 official Guide book (PDF) 01月19日26 January was published in the “venue” has released the venue view of the Marine Messe and the International Center for the [application deadline change] Tesla Roadster test-ride event and information on January 16 your local gourmet exhibitors information Fukuoka motor show has released the Fukuoka car Expo Executive Committee, tomorrow that dream as “the Fukuoka automobile expo Fukuoka motor show Since may 2012 car of life – “the January 27, 2012 (Friday) to 30 (Monday) up to four days, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka Marine Messe Fukuoka, Fukuoka Kokusai Center, will be held in three venues of the Fukuoka International Congress Center.
With’ll touch the next generation of the car, such as concept cars with the latest technology, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu future car society that has a production capacity of more than 150 million units expressed in this project, “familiar car life” to many people and I think you’ll feel the “future of the people and the car.”
Fukuoka Motor Show, held once in two years as well as the Tokyo Motor Show will be the third time.