Fukuoka Motor Show

Fukuoka automobile exposition | Fukuoka Motor Show 2012 exhibitors brand Guidance Exhibit scheduled vehicle (Marine Messe Fukuoka) Exhibited vehicle (Fukuoka Kokusai Center) general exhibitors Gran Turismo / Red Bull Tesla Motors Gran Turismo booth works car large set Ultra series vehicle exhibition Kodomotto ! University World Kitchen Kyushu your local gourmet Grand Prix latest commercial vehicle joint test-ride event children petting bike classroom northern Kyushu 1.5 million future Exhibition Fukuoka Prefecture industrial high school production vehicle exhibition symposium and seminars Venue Marine Messe Fukuoka Fukuoka Kokusai Center a lot of your visit ,Thank you very much.
Next time, will be held in 2013 winter.
Visitors number 1/27 (gold) 21,751 people 1/28 (Sat) 41,508 people 1/29 (day) 55,966 people 1/30 (month) 25,968 people total 145,193 people on January 28 Frequently Asked Questions (For tickets, admission possible time, etc.) on January 26 Fukuoka motor show 2012 official Guide book (PDF) 01月19日26 January was published in the “venue” has released the venue view of the Marine Messe and the International Center for the [application deadline change] Tesla Roadster test-ride event and information on January 16 your local gourmet exhibitors information Fukuoka motor show has released the Fukuoka car Expo Executive Committee, tomorrow that dream as “the Fukuoka automobile expo Fukuoka motor show Since may 2012 car of life – “the January 27, 2012 (Friday) to 30 (Monday) up to four days, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka Marine Messe Fukuoka, Fukuoka Kokusai Center, will be held in three venues of the Fukuoka International Congress Center.
With’ll touch the next generation of the car, such as concept cars with the latest technology, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu future car society that has a production capacity of more than 150 million units expressed in this project, “familiar car life” to many people and I think you’ll feel the “future of the people and the car.”
Fukuoka Motor Show, held once in two years as well as the Tokyo Motor Show will be the third time.

frost crystals

When I was a frost column children of frost column frost column of frost column, memory was surprised as you are lifting a pebble gathered thin ice of frost column is clear.
There is a plant that frost column to perennial of the mint family.
Hana is also a commonplace of grass that does not stand out.
However, it is to a makeover in early winter.
Well lackluster’s morning, looking at the dead this grass-roots origin, ice overhang on the fin-shaped from the stem, just, we make a sculpture of ice become a frost crystals.
This is what began to extend to the water is frozen out of the stem in the vascular bundle of stems,’re lifting is not a pebble, is the skin of the stalk.
That is the origin of the name of this plant.
Only once this is possible if only once a year since the structure is broken stems, I mean that winter flowers frost column is bloom.
It is also, in a stunning thing is possible, but only when I lackluster sharply for the first time of the cold wave.
Frost crystals in the herbaceous distributed in Kanto west, those of the present garden is what you are growing.
Also Ten’ninsou growing wild lot to park in the same mint family, you can frost crystals.
Time that these can frost pillars, Botanical Garden will enter into a long winter sleep.
(Faculty of Science, University plant director Mitsuo Suzuki)

Danone Fairy

Danone Fairy, lightning boundaries of the star / Silk Road S-GallopOnline (gallop online) Home News Stakes data Gachinko expected tournament pro-expected race information center information login Membership Home News Racing News More News genre-top Topics racing local horse racing overseas horse racing 2, 3-year-old horse information column photo List [latest report] Danone Fairy, lightning boundaries of the star / silk Road S2012.1.2509: and won the 56TweetCheck4 round undefeated in the 1200m turf heavy award, of GI Danone Fairy aiming a leading role (front left) to enlarge] Takamatsunomiya Memorial (March 25, Chukyo, GI, lawn 1,200 meters) Stakes leading to, silk Road S is, but attention to Danone Fairy currently ride the four-game winning streak and momentum .
Speed ​​rich quality horse to deliver the prestigious corner home stables.
It is determined a fifth victory in the turf 1,200 meters of four races undefeated so far, GI domination come into sight.
Currently, the Danone Fairy of four straight victories in at 1200 meters turf, infinite possibility is spreading.
Also the first heavy award, is not to be diffident.
Decorate a heavy prize first V in the good of the distance, I want to apply a checkmate to the GI domination.
“Opponent will be stronger, but the handicap (55 miles) is to affordable, momentum I think that’s a big weapon.
I still It does not see the bottom,” the 24th morning, Kiyoyama Torture assistant was cut out with a smile.
Recently retired last year’s Dubai World C champion Victoire Pisa, GI7 wins the name of female vodka, such as staying the corner have been sent off to the stables of the expected horse.
But, those of seniors has been active in miles to medium long distances.
Sumikyo stables, but has 42 wins the JRA Stakes, all 1,600 meters or more.
If it wins Danone Fairy is now, along with the first 1,200 meters Stakes V for the stables, the birth of a full-fledged sprinter.

In the middle of winter

Freezing prefecture four consecutive days midwinter Date | Yamagata newspaper home mobile site advertising guidance housing newspaper subscription Yomonya Club Company prefecture news domestic and foreign news regional video article search electronic bulletin version site map prefecture news >> Yamagata Prefecture newspaper Top >> News >> prefecture social TweetCheck freezing the prefecture, the impact of the four consecutive days midwinter Date January 28, 2012 19:27 wintry of pressure pattern and the sky of the strong cold air followed, was also followed by intermittent snowfall 28 days.
It also does not increase the temperature during the day, it was a mid-winter date in the whole area (maximum temperature the day of less than 0 degrees).
According to the Yamagata Local Meteorological Observatory, Yamagata 55 centimeters afternoon of the same day the current snowfall 6 o’clock, Sakata 21 centimeters, Shinjo 124 centimeter, Obanazawa 160 centimeter, Yonezawa 90 cm, 89 cm in Nagai, a small country 178 centimeter, Okura-mura Hijiori 306 centimeter, Nishikawa-machi Oisawa 208 centimeters.
Tohoku region of the sky about 5,000 meters flows into the following sub-zero cold 36 degrees, the highest temperature of the day is Yamagata is below freezing 2.1 degrees, Sakata same 1.3 degrees, Shinjo same 3.4 degrees, Obanazawa same 4.0 degrees, Yonezawa same 2.1 degrees.
Average year the less than about 4 to 5 degrees, became the country with mid-winter day in four consecutive days.
Including this five locations, 22 observation point all of the meteorological observatory became the midwinter day.
Become a January midwinter day for eight days in Yamagata, it has exceeded already the average year of four. 9th.
Yamagata road and Tohoku Chuo Expressway, closed to traffic in in front gate was closed to traffic due to the influence of snow were numerous car to U-turn = the 28th 14:25, Tohoku Chuo Yamagata City, Yamagata Expressway Yamagata Zao Interchange in snow removal road is 1:30 to 2 o’clock and 45 minutes on the 28th afternoon for snow removal, was closed to traffic in the entire interval.
The first time Tohoku Chuo Expressway became closed to traffic due to the influence of snow this season.
Yamagata Expressway Sekizawa – between Gassan interchange is also the same time zone, no longer able to pass for snow removal.